Highest Health Retreat
April 3-8, 2016
in San Patricio de Melaque, Mexico!

Join us at the La Paloma Retreat for your BEST HEALTH EVER!

Hello, Friends! This spring from April 3-8 I'm offering a health retreat on the Pacific Ocean's beautiful white sand beach in Melaque, Mexico, at the La Paloma Retreat and Art Center. It's a gorgeous place where I held an incredible gathering of 7 people back in April of 2009. La Paloma has offered my retreat guests a reduced room rate that is payable directly to them, and refundable up until 3 days prior. Five nights stay including taxes start at $320 and go up to $520 for the Penthouse (Of course, you can choose to stay longer - this is between you and La Paloma). My fee is $995, which covers your 4 daily juices, twice-daily health talks, personal health consultation, fresh herbal teas, use of the Chi-Machine, daily stretching sessions, guided morning and afternoon walks, one massage treatment, and my health books to peruse. International flights fly regularly into Manzanillo, just a 30 minute drive to the south, and taxis are readily available to bring you to La Paloma. It's gorgeous! A one-of-a-kind experience!

Here's what Dana Hughes, Professor, had to say about her January 2016 retreat.

"Having just spent five glorious days at a retreat with Sayward Ayre at The Highest Health Juice Fast held at Hacienda Hot Springs Inn, I am renewed, refreshed and relaxed. I did not think it possible that my disposition could be transformed and my sense of well-being restored so quickly but the combination of tender loving care from Sayward, her nourishing and delicious juices, her informative talks and deep wisdom, did the trick. I cannot say enough about this tremendous experience, and especially about Sayward and her expert retreats!"

Thank you, Dana.

For more information, please call me at 206-445-3320. Don't wait too long - two rooms have just booked!

To Your Highest Health!
Sayward Ayre, N.D., Author/Speaker, Retreat Director

Gaze out at the beautiful Pacific Ocean from your lounge chair, watch the flocks of pelicans skim the water's surface and dive for fish, see the migrating whales blow off in the distance, drink the delicious juices that fill you with boatloads of natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, electrolytes, probiotics, natural salts and sugars in every drink from REAL FOOD, (not overly processed supplements), hear inspirational talks on how to heal from almost any ailment, read through the health book library to discover remedies you haven't heard of before, and find your energy and health regenerating every day!

Throughout my life I have healed myself from many health problems, including horrific seizures caused by hypoglycemia in my 20's, a blown out L-5 disc due to prolonged improper posture, a cancerous spot on my lung due to working in a heavily smoke-filled environment, crippling plantar fasciitis, extreme lung congestion/bronchitis, painful broken ribs, debilitating weakened cartilage and other ailments. Yet here I am at 63, still hiking mountains, still maintaining a healthy weight and still feeling highly alive and vital. What have I learned over the years about how to heal? I'll share it all with you at my retreat! Your body WANTS to heal, it just needs to be given the right ingredients to do so.

Juice fasts are safer and easier than water fasts,and are designed to help maintain proper blood sugar levels during a period of no solid foods.

Your health is all you really have - protect it and enhance it! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the old saying goes. You're body will LOVE you for taking care of it! Here's an old video of me below serving up the breakfast drink when I used to hold my retreats in Palm Springs, California!

Your Highest Health Juice Fasting Retreat includes:

  • 4 juices daily/teas/and Master Cleanses
  • two health talks daily plus juicing demonstrations
  • a private personal health consultation
  • daily use of the Chi Machine
  • daily access to my health library - it's good-sized!
  • Natural colon cleansing methods and information on other methods,
  • instruction on products for Natural Chelation for detoxing heavy metals and Radiation
  • a two-day Transition-Out Diet Guideline for return to solid foods after your juice fast is over
  • a 5-page Health Questionnaire for your personal health consultation,
  • daily stretching, morning walks, and one massage treatment,
  • discussions and information on many health topics including the importance of pH balance,
  • sightseeing around the area, and more.

Total cost for all of the above is $995 per person paid to me, and your room rate paid directly to the La Paloma. Their discounted rates for my group are as follows: The total costs for 5 nights with taxes included (Sunday to check-out on Friday morning, April 3-8) range from $325 for the Super Saver, to $390 for the Garden View, to $425 for the Ocean View, to $455 for the Ocean Front, to $490 for the Penthouse, to $520 for the Casita. Check with me first before booking, but don't wait til the last minute - rooms are already being booked! Call Now! 206-445-3320

To read what others have said about my retreats during the last ten years, check the Testimonials page on sidebar. Call me at (206)445-3320 today to join in this special Spring Highest Health retreat and get started on your best health ever!