Sayward Ayre, Cleanse Trainer
for Juice Fast For Health

Hello, Health Questers.

Throughout the last 40 years I have had to overcome a number of health issues, ranging from hypoglycemia, severe back injury with a ruptured L5, macular degenerative eye problems, a painful burning spot in my lung (and I don't smoke - but was around second-hand smoke), plantar facitis ligament tears, and more. As I learned about each one and worked to correct it, my health improved and my knowledge increased. As a result, I switched careers from working as a Resource Specialist and Scientific Diver for the State of Washington, to becoming a Certified Massage Therapist in California.

About 10 years ago while working as a Massage Therapist in southern California in the Palm Desert/La Quinta area at beautiful spa resorts, it became clear that most of the people I was working with needed much more help than I could offer them in a one hour massage. I had the knowledge to help them, but not the time or place during a one hour massage. All the health knowledge I had learned over my lifetime was being unshared, and I became motivated to do something about it.

To better prepare myself for educating and helping others to greater health, I earned my degree as a Doctor of Naturopathy from Dr. Joel Robbin's College of Natural Health in 2003. The State of California requires that I tell you I am not licensed in California, and I do not practice as a Naturopathic Doctor. My training was solely for the purpose of becoming more knowledgeable, to provide higher levels of quality information during the juice fast retreats I directed for the last 9 years. I also became a Certified Counselor of Natural Health, and a Certified Cleanse Trainer. I have directed juice fasting retreats throughout the West coast of the United States and Mexico, and received guests from all around the world and all across North America.

The first two years my juice fasting retreats were located in Desert Hot Springs, California. Seven years ago I moved the retreat location to Palm Springs, in the shelter of the beautiful mountains and away from the strong winds that blow in Spring and Fall across the desert valley floor.

The Winter and Spring of 2009 I offered the retreats in San Patricio de Melaque, Mexico, and had Mugs, from Canada, as our excellent yoga instructor, but Palm Springs was the location for most of my juice fasting retreats. With gorgeous sunny days and warm weather, natural hot mineral water, daily yoga, peace and quiet, and stupendous natural desert beauty abounding everywhere, these retreats were located in the perfect place to bring your body back to balance.

Now my work has moved into offering one-on-one in-home one-day wellness workshops for people who wish to learn all about juice fasting, how to do it themselves, and how they can make their home and products more healthy. It gives me great joy to be able to help others and see their excitement about their improvement. Many people have written Testimonials, which you can view by clicking on the sidebar "Testimonials" link.

As medical costs soar across the country, it pays to take care of yourself and practice regular health maintenance. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the old saying goes. Staying well will keep you happier, increase your longevity, reduce your stress, and save you lots of money and anguish in the long run. Periodic fasting for even a few days a week, preferably twice a year, and even small fasts once a month of one or two day duration will help keep your body regularly detoxified, strengthen your immune system, restore balance to your pH levels, and help you stay healthier than you might be otherwise.

Call to book your personal one-day organic juice fasting-wellness workshop and learn for yourself the incredible rejuvenating powers of your body through juicing, cleansing, alkalizing, exercising, de-stressing and laughter.

My dog, Brandon, fishing at Waldo Lake in Oregon
on a camping adventure.