The Audacity of Spring

By Sayward Ayre

Sayward Ayre, ND, is the Retreat Director and founder of Juice Fast For Health, now in its 6th year of juice fasting retreats at exemplary destination resorts.
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The sky is definitely falling, as Chicken Little once proclaimed: world economies are in collapse, the ice caps are melting faster than ever, alien bacteria from outer layers of the atmosphere are entering earth with returning space shuttles, oceans are acidifying, fish populations are crashing: the bad news in endless. And yet, here it is again... Spring.

This Spring, as in all others before it, the deciduous trees around the northern hemisphere are preparing to bud with lush brilliant hues of all shades of gushing greens, the earliest precursors of warmer months ahead are bursting forth with purples and yellows and oranges in the forms of lilies and daffodils and poppies, and the birdsong is euphoric and melodious: Life simply will not be denied.

Life will exist, no matter what. The shapes and systems may change, come what may, but life will continue, and we are here to witness its constant rejoicing. All live things are a celebration to the testimony of the persistence of the Universal will to exist and experience. There is just one thing that makes the whole trip worth it... and that is excellent health.

Not enough can be said about excellent health... if you have it and don't recognize what you have, you may lose it without realizing you should have taken care of it. If you don't have it, you are keenly aware of how extraordinarily important it was, and you'd do anything to get it back. If you have it and ARE aware of what you have, you make the important decision to never lose it, no matter what. You place it at "Numero Uno" on your list of priorities to maintain, and you work to keep it that way.

The excellent health of the planet is definitely experiencing systemic stresses, and that is all the more reason why we should decide to boost our own immune system. When the outer systems experience stress, the inner systems need to maintain or increase stability and strength to offset the outer challenges.

Spring is the perfect time for attending to your health. The days are growing warmer, hope is in each budding life beginning to flourish in the lengthening sunlight, and the promise of an incredible Summer and renewed opportunities await around the corner. There is only one way to tackle the future, and that is with the very best health of body and mind and spirit.

It does nothing positive to despair at the world situations or even at our individual predicaments. Each moment we have is a blessing, and the best we can do is to turn a Winter of Discontent into an Audacity of Spring, through our personal commitment to excellent health, on as many levels as possible, be it world, regional, local or individual. Why? Because life is vital and cannot be held down, and it is better to rise up singing with it in the glorious rejuvenation of Spring, than not.