Enjoyable Juice Fasting Retreats In Palm Springs

Lose weight and feel great at Sayward Ayre's Juice Fasting Retreat, featured in OPEN EXCHANGE's Retreats & Getaways category.

Imagine yourself relaxing by the aqua-blue pool in the warm sun, gazing up at the majestic San Bernadino Mountains, so clear you can see a hawk circling above a small canyon. The air is clean and crystal pure, and you inhale the sweet scents of lemon tree and jasmine. Nearby, several people are floating in the pool on colorful mats, their quiet chatting interspersed with ripples of laughter. Your mind is at peace, your body is resting, and you are becoming renewed, refreshed. Where are you? At a Juice Fast For Health retreat in Palm Springs, California.

Juice fasting is becoming known as one of the fastest, safest ways to restore the body to pH balance, refresh the mind to clarity and the spirit to joy, and to regain energy. Sayward Ayre, Retreat Director of her four year old business, Juice Fast For Health, learned about juice fasting after she suffered disabling health conditions. Barely able to walk in 2001, she attended a 10-day fast. The results were so positive and pronounced she fasted again the following year, and felt even better. She decided to host juice fasting retreats for others. After earning Certificates as Cleanse Trainer, Massage Therapist, Counselor of Natural Health and finally a Degree in Naturopathy, she launched Juice Fast For Health – a 6 day/5 night program for pH balance and internal cleansing.

"People are amazed that they're not hungry," Sayward smiles. "Most people think they'll be starving, but they rarely feel hungry at all." The juices are organic and fresh-made moments before they're served. She uses all vegetables except the morning liver cleanse drink (which "everybody loves – it's like a smoothie," she says) and the wheatgrass. "Green vegetables and grasses are the most alkalizing foods, and provide the correct amount of live enzymes, minerals, vitamins and probiotics a person needs for maximum assimilation."

Her retreats include massage, colonics, daily yoga and health talks, walks, laughter sessions, exercise equipment, Spa-day, group outings, personal health consultations, and access to her personal health library. Additional spa services are available.

"A number of my guests have been to other well-known cleansing centers." Sayward says. "I am humbled when they tell me they like my retreats the most. I think it's because our groups are small and we become like family. By the end of the retreat, they're exchanging contact information with each other, and some of them even end up doing business together, and arranging to attend the same future retreats."