The Fountain of Youth is Inside
By Sayward Ayre


Man's eternal quest for the waters of perpetual health and longevity hoisted many sails, crossed dangerous oceans and toppled ancient cultures. And all along, the liquid more precious than gold was not without, but within. The early explorers took it with them, every step of the way, and didn't even know it. We have it, too, and live with it daily. It is the stuff we are mostly made of - water.

Water, the life-giver, must be kept clean in order to function properly. Cleansing cells, relaying communication, delivering nutrients, facilitating cellular replication water has many important jobs. If it's dirty, it simply doesn't perform well. Would you swim in a creek that was filled with green scum? Of course not. Would fish live there? Not a chance. Then why do we turn our water inside green with yeast, molds and fungi? Simply because we don't know we're doing it, nor realize the illness we're causing ourselves.

Day after day of coffee and doughnuts, pastries and pasta, wine and hard liquor, breads, milk and cereals, sodas and candy, create a situation where the body is receiving more to dump than to utilize. Not only almost useless for nourishment, in excess these types of "foods" are acidic, and begin to imbalance the pH level so important for maintaining clean, healthy water. When a body's water is too acidic, yeasts start to thrive, then molds set in, and after awhile, fungi can form. Aches and pains, sluggishness, lack of energy, and many other ailments result from a body's sick water.

Lakes and ocean biologists measure water's health with a system called pH. Using a piece of litmus paper, we can measure our own water's pH balance. By testing your urine's pH in the morning when first rising, you can get a sense of how much acid waste your body had to clean up during the night while you were sleeping. If your pH is lower than 7, your body was housecleaning. If it's lower than 5, you may want to eat salad or chard for breakfast.

Cleaning up an acid-filled water body is not as difficult as one might think. Slight adjustments in diet, exercise, stress levels and happiness quotient can begin to make recognizable changes. One of the easiest methods to jump start a dirty water body back to a clean water body is to participate in a juice fasting retreat.

The benefits of a juice fast are many. The body's energy expenditure switches from digestion to cleansing. Yeasts and molds begin to die back. Hunger and blood sugar levels are not an issue due to regular juices. Relief and energy start to flood the body. The mind becomes clearer, and aches and pains diminish or disappear completely. Once the water is cleaner, the body craves healthy food.

Juice fasting at home requires willpower and focus. Many people prefer attending a juice fasting retreat where they can relax and be pampered while restoring their water's health. Whichever you choose, your water's health is more precious than gold.

Sayward Ayre is the Retreat Director for Juice Fast For Health. She is a Trained Naturopath, Certified Massage Therapist, Counselor of Natural Health and holds a Masters of Environmental Studies degree from The Evergreen State College.