Clean Cells For Healthy Longevity

By Sayward Ayre

Sayward Ayre, ND, longtime OPEN EXCHANGE lister, offers fasting retreats in our Retreats & Getaways category.

Aging, as in the deterioration of health with all its implicated illnesses, does not have to happen. There have been many studies and scientific experiments to prove it so, and one of them is as follows.

The year was 1912 at the Rockefeller Institute when Dr. Alexis Carrell began his groundbreaking test of cell longevity through detoxification and proper nourishment. Dr. Carrell used living tissue from a chicken heart and kept it saturated in a nutritional solution that provided optimal nourishment for the cells. It is the cell's natural process to rid itself of toxins everyday, so everyday he would empty the old toxic solution and replace it with fresh nourishment solution. It was Dr. Carrell's intent to prove that cells can live a very long time, possibly indefinitely, if they are kept in the optimum conditions.

Dr. Carrell continued the daily cleanse ritual of the chicken heart tissue for 32 years, and then he passed away, but the chicken tissue still lived on. The daily cleansing process was continued by a another worker. Two years later, when the tissue was 34 years old, the worker reportedly forgot to change the waste polluted solution for just one day, and the tissue died. The tissue had lived more than three times longer than a chicken's natural life expectancy of 11 years - it was 34 years old when it died. In all likelihood, it would have continued to live had the toxic solution been dumped and new solution added on just that one day. The idea of "cell immortality" was borne to the scientific community due to this experiment and others carried out by Dr. Carrell.

Cleansing the human body's cells through proper nourishment, pure water, clean food, fresh air, regular physical exercise, playtime with laughter and enjoyment, low stress levels, time in nature, some daily sun exposure, and good restful sleep has been the creed of Naturopathic Doctors throughout many centuries. As a result of good living practices, living healthily into ripe old age can be found in many countries around the world, even to a small degree here in the United States, though perhaps not as often as in the past. We see role models for health everyday, good and bad. The ones I have imprinted on my mind are the 84 year old man out hiking the mountain with a heavy pack on his back, still reading maps and standing straight as an arrow, or the lovely long-legged ladies at 86 still high-kicking their legs on the stage in Palm Springs, or the 90 year old out riding his bicycle in the heat of the day, sweating out toxins and breathing deep.

Could our cells live three times longer than we normally anticipate to 240 or 300 years old? In our polluted world, it is unlikely, but one thing is certain we do not have to grow sick as we grow older. By following a healthy life-style, making important pro-health choices, keeping stress away, and keeping our internal world cleansed, we can be strong, vital and healthy beings for as long as our hearts are ticking. A chicken heart proved it.

( Sayward Ayre is the Retreat Director and founder of Juice Fast For Health for five years. She holds a Naturopathic Doctor degree as well as several other degrees and certificates. She has recently relocated her retreats from Palm Springs, CA to San Patricio de Melaque in Mexico.)