Published Articles

Sayward has been writing for many years, and has recently begun to write articles for publication. Click through the link to read her articles.

"The Audacity of Spring" Spring 2009, Open Exchange Magazine

"Cleanliness is Next to.....Immortality" Winter 2009, Getaway Spas

"Clean Cells For Healthy Longevity" Winter 2008, Open Exchange Magazine

"Like Winter for Summer: Regeneration Through Fasting" January 2008, Vision Magazine

"Old Friends Are The Spirit's Gold At Fasting Retreat " Fall 2008, Open Exchange Magazine

"Regenerate Yourself Through Fasting" December 2007, Getaway Spas

"Fasting For Mental Clarity" Fall 2007, Open Exchange Magazine

"The Fountain of Youth is Inside" July/Aug 2007, New Corporate Body Magazine

"Enjoyable Juice Fasting Retreats in Palm Springs" Summer 2007, Open Exchange Magazine

"In Memory of Mother" December 2006, LA Yoga Magazine.