Benefits of Juice Fasting

Doctors today are saying that one of the major reasons more people are getting unhealthy and sick is due to our overall "waning immune system." One of the greatest results you can achieve from a fast is an enhanced immune system, which will help keep you from illness and disease.

Boosting Your Immune System

Most of the processed foods eaten in today's society produces an acid ash in our systems. The alkalizing foods, such as greens, veggies and the non-sweet fruits, certain grains and nuts, and other whole, natural foods, are often not as prevalent in our diets as is necessary. Since we are over 70% water, our internal fluids need to be kept pH neutral just as any backyard swimming pool. Our miraculous bodies are at work constantly to keep our internal world neutrally balanced, but when more acids accumulate in our body than our natural elimination systems can discharge, we start to become too acidic, and the immune system declines.

Eventually our cells are drowning in acid wastes, our system begins to slow down and we literally begin to slowly decay from the inside out. We begin to have overgrown amounts of yeasts and fungi, and as they devour the excess sugars and acids, we enter the initial stages of deterioration. We get ill and have low energy. We have aches and pains, don't sleep well, can't focus, have poor memory and arthritis. Our immune system by this time has become greatly weakened and our body shows signs of imbalance. Fortunately, it is reversible, simply by changing your pH from acid to alkaline-balanced through fasting and adjusting to healthier foods.

There are many benefits that can be achieved through a 6-day fast, including:

  • balanced pH and blood sugar levels,
  • a cleansed and regulated colon,
  • weight loss (fat, not water),
  • diminished toxin load,
  • strengthened immune system,
  • increased mental clarity,
  • heavy metals cleansing,
  • increased liver function capacity,
  • loss of cravings for sugar and other stimulants,
  • cellular cleansing and rebuilding,
  • radiant, glowing complexion,
  • diminished pains and allergies (some disappear completely),
  • blood, tissue and organ cleansing,
  • restored liver function capacity,
  • increased energy levels,
  • emotional cleansing and release,
  • and an enhanced sense of joy and lightness is usually experienced.

Drinking fresh-made organic juices can help rebalance your body's pH levels, and that in turn can help strengthen your immune system which then will be better able to keep you well.

Fresh Organic Vegetable Juices Provide Everything Your Body Needs

Fresh organic juices provide plenty of fresh natural sugars, salts, enzymes, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and probiotics, all in their appropriate proportions, for the rebuilding your body will be doing during a fast. Because juices require minimal digestion and are readily absorbed into the system, they do not interfere with the need for the digestive system to be almost completely shut down, which leaves the body's energy available for the deep cleansing and rebuilding activities of a fast.

Juices also provide enough fluids to ensure the colon becomes thoroughly washed, while simultaneously allowing one to feel satisfied and not hungry. I do not recommend harsh or system-shocking methods to be used during a fast. All the methods I teach are natural and gentle.

Fasting for the Mind~Body~Spirit

The Juice Fast For Health program is designed to address the entire individual - Mind~Body~Spirit. There is no point in focusing on only the physical aspect of health, because we are an integrated whole with each of our parts affecting the whole. During the one-on-one organic juice fast workshop, you will receive information, juicing demonstrations, and knowledge for restoration of your entire being.

A Penny for Prevention is Better Than a Pound for Cure

Health care today can be an extremely costly undertaking, once you're sick. Why allow yourself to get sick in the first place? The body is amazingly resilient, and with a little care it will serve you well for a long time. Honor your body and your life by spending a little time and money to keep it healthy to begin with, instead of waiting til it's too late! Ideally, one should fast twice a year, preferably once in the Spring and once in the Fall. If you can discipline yourself to do it at home, fantastic! Many people like to treat themselves to a health vacation, where they get away from the stresses of regular life and all that surrounds them, and retreat to a place of peace, quiet and beauty. Juice Fast For Health one-on-one workshops offer knowledge to those wishing to learn how to release toxins, rebuild, refresh and totally recharge their energy levels.

Waldo Lake, Oregon, on one of my camping trips.