Frequently Asked Questions

Who can do a Juice Fast - any restrictions?

You must you be 18 and older unless accompanied by a parent to participate in the one-on-one organic juice fasting workshop. You must NOT have any doctor-defined life-threatening or contagious diseases, or be on heavy medications, or be pregnant or nursing; or have had a kidney or liver transplant, kidney impairment or only one kidney. However, before eliminating yourself from the possibility of learning how to juice fast, check with us. With your doctor's written approval, we will most likely be happy to teach you how to juice fast for yourself.

What is an organic juice fast cleanse?

An organic juice fast cleanse is an internal cleanse designed to boost the functions and restorative powers of the colon, blood, organs and immune system by resting the body from the strenuous digestive and elimination activities, replenishing supplies of natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and expelling stored toxins.

The Colon, so often burdened with undigested, compacted, putrefied remnants of meats, dairy and other processed foods, will become cleansed during our retreats. A clean Colon allows the body to access more nutrients from food, which provides the body with greater nourishment and strength, and expels wastes more quickly and efficiently.

During a juice cleanse the body receives all the necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes it needs from the fresh, raw, organic juiced fruits and vegetables. Because you're actually drinking your fruits and veggies, most people never feel hungry during the juice fast.

Included in your one-on-one organic juice fasting workshop is an optional transition-in and transition-out diet guide. It is recommended that you follow this guide for an optimal cleanse experience and for your own active involvement, but it is your decision.

If you do follow the transition-in and transition-out diet guides, you will extend the overall length of your juice fast by an additional 3 or 4 days, which will provide you with an even deeper cleanse.

What can I expect to experience?

Most people experience improved energy levels, and sometimes an elevated sense of lightness. People who throw off larger levels of toxins sometimes experience what is known as a 'Healing Event' which usually happens on the third day of the fast. It lasts only an hour or so (if it happens at all) and sometimes expresses itself as a headache, nausea, or fatigue. If it happens the best response is to lie down and sleep it off - in an hour or so it is gone, and the body is cleaner, and you feel much more energy and lightness. From there on most people feel better and better, lighter and more energetic.

Why should I do an organic juice fast cleanse?

In today's world, it is important to cleanse regularly. We are constantly exposed to and ingesting toxins. Our diets are generally more acidic than alkalizing. In order to maintain optimum health and energy levels, the colon, blood, cells, liver and other organs, and lymphatic system must be adequately clean and nourished. Organic juice fast cleanses provide you the opportunity to cleanse, restore and recharge your body with the natural vitamins, enzymes, minerals and probiotics found in living, organic and raw fruits and vegetables.