Health Tips

My Special Health Tips for Mind, Body, Spirit

There are many ways one can begin to make healthy changes in one's life, it's often confusing where to start. My suggestions are just that: suggestions.

Look through these ideas and find the ones that speak to you, the ones you can start to apply to your daily life without it being too difficult. As you begin to notice yourself feeling adapted to your new habits, try a few more, until eventually almost everything you do is healthy for you. Nothing happens overnight, so don't feel rushed or frustrated.

Listen to your body, and trust in your inner voice. Finding a healthy balance in your life isn't that far away, or that difficult. You can do it, and as you see yourself doing it, changing your habits and feeling better, you will believe even more that you can do it.

Try it, you'll see. More people than you can imagine are trying to find their way back to health. You are not alone on this journey.

For the MIND

For those of you who spend great heaps of time at your work, or are obsessed with something else in your life that consumes most of your brain activity, these suggestions are for you. The MIND needs a break, too, just like your BODY. It needs time to relax, think about something different, something creative, something fun, and even nothing at all. It needs a break, so be kind to your MIND, and check out these ideas for lightening your brain load - you'll be glad you did.

  • Find ways to relax your MIND, it's important. Stress is a killer. Take a walk out under the stars, along the beach, up in the mountains. Breathe in the air, expand your lungs, and remember that everything you're worried about today will mean little either a week from now, a year from now, or a lifetime from now. Let things go a little, and just savor the challenge of being alive and the miracle of life itself. Get outside yourself and find some perspective - distance from a problem gives you a better view and clearer, more comprehensive understanding of it.
  • Listen to Classical Music. This may sound strange to some of you, but research has proven that listening to Classical Music stimulates neuronal activity that has a calming, soothing effect on the brain. I have Classical Music playing in the background daily when I work inside.
  • Find quiet time where your MIND can become completely stilled. Some people find these times during meditation, others may prefer lying on the beach listening to the ocean waves, sitting by a rushing stream or contemplating on the sound of falling water at a fountain, or other methods of completely calming the MIND.
  • Be mindful of the amount of sugar you are putting in your body. Too much sugar can cause the brain to function poorly and have adverse reactions that may end up being thought of as "ADD" and other symption names, which can all be due to excessive sugar intake.
  • Be mindful of your thoughts - try to think only positive thoughts. Negative thinking, or despairing thoughts, have adverse effects not only on our brain, but on our BODY and SPIRIT and all others we come in contact with, including our pets!
  • For the BODY

    The BODY is an entire World inside us, and needs fresh air, pure water, balanced pH, exercise, and healthful nutrition in order to stay in balanced, harmonious condition. The following are only a few suggestions for helping the BODY stay healthy.

    • What you put into your BODY, through the lungs, mouth, brain or skin, affects you daily, though you may not be aware that it does. Pay attention! If you use chemical-based shampoos and soaps, chemical-based make-ups and perfumes, chemical-based air fresheners, are exposed to chemical off-gassing from new furniture, new car interiors, new household paint, you are exposing your lungs and skin (your largest organ) to doses off chemical exposure that you are most probably not even aware. The food you eat, if laden with hormonal steroids, artificial coloring, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, chemical fertilizer residues, and genetic manipulation are also affecting your entire BODY in ways you may also not be aware. Learn about your enviroment, interior and exterior, and make the necessary changes to clean it up.
    • Your BODY needs to move - it was designed for movement. Take it out for some exercise. Walk, swim, cross-country ski, roller blade, jog, practice yoga, bicycle, or do any other kind of aerobic exercise - it's all beneficial. If you have a desk job, or spend hours sitting behind the wheel, be sure to take regular breaks to stand up and do some stretching and deep breathing.
    • Assist your BODY with your MIND. Think to your BODY, or talk to it. There is a ton of scientific research that shows every cell is alive and understands intention. If you respect your BODY, and try to help it with your MIND and good intention, you may find it easier to accomplish things with your BODY that you didn't think were possible.
    For the SPIRIT

    We are all more alike than we may be aware of. Our SPIRITS are very much intertwined, and we are all sparks off the same flint. What makes one person's SPIRIT soar usually makes another's do the same. These suggestions are designed for allowing your SPIRIT the recognition it deserves in a world almost always more preoccupied with money instead of the joy and wonder of being Alive.

    • Be aware of the energy you experience around other people. If you notice that certain people's energy leaves you drained or weary, you may want to reconsider how much time you allow them in your life. Surround yourself with people and events in life that lift your SPIRIT, not sink it.
    • Spend time with yourself in Nature. The stillness and peace of the natural world can help us find answers to questions or problems in our lives, and help us relax and gain introspection, appreciation and perspective.
    • When we learn how "not to sweat the small stuff", our SPIRIT can become lighter and soar. Forgiveness to those we may feel anger towards goes a long way to achieving a deep personal joy and relief. Allowing ourselves to shed negativity around us and within us promotes a healthy positivity within us that not only lifts our SPIRIT, but, goes a long way to keeping our MIND and BODY healthy, too.